How McDonough Communities Benefit From Association Management Services

How McDonough Communities Benefit From Association Management Services

Are your community volunteers experiencing burnout? The 2.5 million community association members in the US complete 98.5 million volunteer hours annually. Your members should enjoy living in the community, not working for it.

With association management services, you don't have to worry. You can enhance the community and improve each member's quality of life.

Not convinced you need an association management group? Read on to discover the benefits of their services first!

Improved Property Values

A beautiful, pristine community is more likely to attract future members. An association manager can keep up with maintenance and inspections. They'll hire the best contractors in McDonough to enhance your community.

Otherwise, properties may start to crumble. Communal areas may look shabby or unkempt.

Investing in community management can improve property values. The value of all owned homes within HOA communities is about $11 trillion.

Your association manager will find the best contractors at competitive prices. They'll ensure projects are completed on time and on budget. Keeping up with repairs can help you avoid more costly replacements in the future.

Their maintenance and building management services can include:

  • Common area inspections
  • 24-hour availability/on-call maintenance
  • Vendor insurance tracking
  • Coordination and management of Reserve Study
  • Online maintenance and work order management
  • Obtaining competitive bids
  • Architectural request tracking

Your community will become a more desirable place to live. As you gain more members, you can invest in new ways of improving the community.

Financial Administration

Not all community members feel that their HOAs honestly handle their finances. Your community members may feel more comfortable if a third party steps in.

Association management companies (AMCs) ensure each community's financial health. They can:

  • Manage the HOA's budget
  • Process dues and fees
  • Prepare and maintain financial records
  • Assist with financial planning and decision-making
  • Prepare and file tax returns
  • Provide financial reports to the board
  • Handle payroll

These services can increase transparency between the board and community members. Ensuring the community's finances is essential to its longevity.

Community Management

Your association manager can handle administrative management tasks, including:

  • Handling membership inquiries
  • Enforcing community covenants, conditions, and restrictions
  • Organizing and attending membership meetings
  • Communicating with authorities as needed
  • Monitoring local and national laws
  • Providing advice on legislative issues
  • Selecting insurance providers and policies for approval

Outsourcing these tasks will save you time and money.

Specialized Staffing

Choose a company that can lend its experience and expertise in different areas. For example, you may need help keeping up with local laws and regulations. Neglecting new laws can lead to compliance issues and fines.

The company's specialized staffing will help you make informed decisions for your community.

Shared Resources

Your volunteers may waste valuable time completing repetitive tasks. Choose an association management company that relies on state-of-the-art technology.

They can streamline tasks to improve efficiency and accuracy. Relying on their shared resources can lead to sustainable community development.

Request Association Management Services Today

Your volunteers don't have to manage the community alone anymore. Instead, request association management services. The best AMCs can help your community grow and thrive.

Our team at PMI Peachstate has 20 years of experience and expertise. We offer the highest quality services using state-of-the-art technology.

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