Community Association Management Companies: Driving Sustainable Community Development

Community Association Management Companies: Driving Sustainable Community Development

If you're one of the 2.3 million Georgians who live in HOAs, you may be wondering why your community isn't doing more for you.

An HOA community is only as good as its leadership. Most associations are governed by a board of directors, which is made up of volunteer homeowners who have a vested interest in the community. When a community is struggling, it's usually because the board is out of its depth.

That's where community association management companies enter the picture. In today's post, we'll explain how an HOA manager can drive community development with experience and expertise. Keep reading and you'll understand what these professionals do and why it can help your HOA.

What Do Community Association Management Companies Do?

A good HOA manager can handle every aspect of association management. The most important of these duties involve finances, maintenance, governance, and communication. Let's dig into these responsibilities:


HOA members must pay monthly HOA dues, which are pooled together to pay for everything the community needs. If your HOA treasurer doesn't know how to manage that amount of money, HOA fees will rise and property values will fall.

HOA management comes with professional accounting services. They'll collect HOA fees, and then perform bookkeeping and budgeting duties that ensure your community is in good financial health.

Vendor Coordination

HOA maintenance is essential to the development of any community. You need good vendor coordination to ensure your community is a safe and pleasurable place to live.

An HOA manager comes with existing vendor relationships. Whatever your community needs - garbage pickup, tree trimming, street repair, etc. - a local vendor is either on schedule or one call away.


Communities are governed by unique rules and regulations that homeowners must follow. Of course, there are always going to be rule-breakers.

Your HOA manager can act as de-facto neighborhood police, issuing penalties to bad actors and diffusing conflicts between homeowners. The result is more harmony in the community.

HOA Meetings

HOA meetings are where important matters are decided by the entire community. If they're not organized, however, they'll amount to nothing.

An HOA manager has experience running such meetings. Not only that, but they'll also ensure that any decisions made by the community are enacted promptly and successfully.

How They Help With Community Development

The role of any HOA manager is to wear several different hats. They'll provide all of the services mentioned above, but most importantly, they'll act as a guide for the betterment of your community.

At the end of the day, HOAs need to be self-governed. An HOA manager should sit in the background and be of service in whatever manner your community needs. In this way, they help facilitate a community's development more sustainably.

Finding the Best Manager for Your McDonough HOA

Now that you know what community association management companies do, you can find the right one for your McDonough HOA.

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