3 Big Considerations When Hiring an HOA Property Management Company in the McDonough

3 Big Considerations When Hiring an HOA Property Management Company in the McDonough

Imagine digging through a pile of 296,000 keys, searching for the one that unlocks the gates to your community. When searching for an HOA property management company, the process can feel just as daunting. There are already 296,477 property management businesses in the US.

Keep these three considerations in mind to narrow down your selection. With these tips, you can find the right McDonough, Georgia team. They'll provide the key to your community's success.

1. Experience

The property management industry has grown by over 2% in the last year. Newer businesses entering the industry lack experience and expertise. Determine how long each HOA management company has offered services.

Experienced teams have processes in place. They apply best practices and leverage proven strategies. Relying on their years of industry expertise can help your community thrive.

Consider how many McDonough communities they've helped in that time. These teams have a better understanding of local laws and procedures. They'll ensure your community remains compliant.

Leveraging their local expertise can help you avoid fines. Instead, you can keep up with new laws and regulations.

Learn more about their experience with other communities. For example, how did they improve property values? The value of homes in communities is over $11 trillion.

Ask if you'll work with a dedicated association manager. Learn about their credentials, education, and training. Look for a team with credentials that prove their experience and expertise.

Hiring a qualified team will help you feel confident in their abilities. These teams can leverage their expertise to accomplish your goals.

2. Services

Learn more about the property management services each company provides. These services may include:

  • Administrative services
  • Calendar and scheduling
  • Community policy enforcement
  • Maintenance and building management
  • Accounting and reporting
  • Financial management
  • Document management
  • Community communication

Determine what's included with each service.

Vendor Management

Keeping up with maintenance will improve the community's curb appeal. You could have an easier time attracting new members. Property values will increase.

Your HOA manager can schedule maintenance projects. They'll choose reliable, experienced vendors at competitive prices.

Financial Management

An experienced HOA management company can ensure your community's financial health. These services can include:

  • Processing dues and fees
  • Preparing and maintaining financial records
  • Managing the budget
  • Handling payroll
  • Providing financial reports
  • Preparing and filing tax returns

Administrative Services

Your volunteers likely spend hours completing essential yet time-consuming tasks. A management company can handle:

  • Membership inquiries
  • Enforcing community policies
  • Selecting insurance providers and policies
  • Organizing and attending membership meetings
  • Monitoring local/national laws
  • Communicating with authorities
  • Communicating between members and the HOA board

A company that enforces community policies can ensure harmony throughout your community. Choose a company that will review your governing documents. They should take the time to understand your community's individuality.

3. Reputation

Read online client reviews for each company. Look for a company with a strong, positive reputation. Make sure they're responsive, professional, and responsible.

Hire Your HOA Property Management Company

Don't rush to hire an HOA property management company. Instead, use these three tips to vet the thousands of options in Georgia. Using these tips will ensure you make a confident choice.

PMI Peachstate has 20 years of industry experience. We appreciate each community's individuality.

Rely on our experience, state-of-the-art technology, and customized approach. Contact us today to meet your HOA property managers.