Home Owners Association Property Management Company: Enhancing HOA Governance

Home Owners Association Property Management Company: Enhancing HOA Governance

If you're unsatisfied with your McDonough homeowners association, you're not alone.

Over the years, there have been countless HOA horror stories. A homeowners association is only as good as its leadership, so if your HOA board isn't equipped to take on the necessary roles and responsibilities, it's time to hire HOA management.

In today's post, we'll explain what a homeowners association property management company can do for your HOA in McDonough. Keep reading and you'll have a more effectively governed community, allowing it to thrive like never before.

What Does a Homeowners Association Property Management Company Do?

HOA managers offer a wide range of services that cover every aspect of running an HOA. The most prominent of their services involve accounting, maintenance, enforcing regulations, and communication.


The financial health of the community depends on your HOA accounting. If you don't have good accounting practices, HOA fees won't go as far, which will cause them to go up. When things are really bad, property values will fall, hurting everyone.

HOA managers bring accounting expertise to your HOA. They'll collect fees, perform bookkeeping duties, and create budgets that maintain the financial health of the community.


HOA maintenance is essential for the safety and happiness of the community. A maintained community is also more desirable to investors, driving property values up.

Vendor coordination is at the heart of property maintenance. An HOA manager brings vendor relationships to the table so maintenance is always on schedule and emergency repairs are a call away.

HOA Regulations

This mostly involves the enforcement of HOA rules and regulations. Whenever you have dozens of homeowners operating under a set of rules, you'll have rule breakers.

An HOA manager can issue penalties to bad actors. They'll also mediate conflicts between HOA members, promoting harmony in the community.


HOA meetings bring the community together so everyone's on the same page. If meetings aren't organized, they won't amount to much. It's important that everyone has their say and that the conversation always pushes the HOA forward.

An HOA property manager has experience running such meetings. Not only will they guide productive meetings, but they'll also enact whatever decisions the community makes.

The Role of an HOA Manager in Governance

An HOA should be self-governed. Good HOA managers will work in the background to support your HOA board. They'll offer up their expertise and handle any tasks that the HOA board isn't optimized to handle.

With the proper support, the community can begin to thrive under its own power and every member will benefit.

Finding the Best Property Manager for Your Community

Now that you know how a homeowners association property management company can help your community, it's time to get the right one on your side. PMI Peachstate is a subset of one of the largest property management firms in the country.

We offer complete HOA management services that include everything we talked about here. Contact us today to learn more about how we do what we do and how it can help your community.