Condo Fee vs HOA Fee: What Each Pays For

Condo Fee vs HOA Fee: What Each Pays For

Did you know that there are about 358,000 neighborhoods in the United States that are managed by an HOA? Of these neighborhoods, up to 40% of them are condominium community associations.

Whether you have a traditional HOA or are part of a condo community, you do have fees that you need to pay monthly for each. While these two communities are grouped together, the fees tend to cover different things.

What are the biggest differences between a condo fee vs. HOA? This guide breaks it down.

Condo Fee

There are two main things that condo fees go towards compared to an HOA fee.

The first thing is the condo itself. That is because when you live in a condo community, that association is typically responsible for all of the repairs and annual maintenance that comes with the condos.

This differs from a traditional HOA because they typically do not manage interior home maintenance. So, because condo fees cover all of the maintenance and repairs for a condo, the fees can end up being higher than HOA fees.

The other main thing that condo fees go towards is the building itself. Several condos tend to be connected by one building.

Like anything else, that building is eventually going to require routine maintenance and repairs. In order for everybody to continue living there with minimal hassle, all condo owners have to contribute to these expenses as part of their condo fees.

It is recommended that you aside about four percent of the value annually for maintenance needs. Condo fees are more likely to go towards this for your living space.


An HOA fee differs slightly because it tends to go towards community areas. Think of things such as a swimming pool, a playground, a tennis court, and more.

It can cost money to develop these areas as well as keep up with the needs for them. HOA fees allow each homeowner benefiting from these community areas to contribute money towards the upkeep required.

You also need to think about vendors that provide services for these types of communities. This is a little different than condos because homeowners typically have more landscaping needs.

It can also go to things such as hiring a lifeguard for the swimming pool or paying a waste management company to come collect your garbage weekly. These fees help fund the conveniences that homeowners in these communities get to enjoy.

Condo Fee vs. HOA

So, what are the main differences between a condo fee vs. HOA? Well, condo fees go towards the building and the condo itself. HOA fees go towards community areas and vendor services.

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